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Discover Some New Supplements For High Blood Pressure

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The vascular pressure in the body is medically known as High blood pressure.  When the circulating blood exerts force on the walls of vessels, the pressure increases. On moving through arteries, arterioles, veins and capillaries, this pressure would decrease. There are several factors which can bring changes in the normal reading of BP that is 120/80 mm Hg. These factors can be stress, diet, nutrition, drugs and disease.


In order to reduce high blood pressure, you can adopt some natural cures. One such cure is apple cider vinegar. This is considered as a miracle cure as it works instantly on this problem. You need to take one tablespoon full of it thrice a day.  Some people find it quite strong and thus mix it with water to make it dilute. It totally depends on your choice. What you have to remember is that you just need to purchase unpasteurized apple cider vinegar.


Another best product in the natural supplements for high blood pressure is garlic. Consuming garlic on a regular basis is said to decrease your BP by about 10%. Though, it seems minor but it will make huge changes in them who are suffering from hypertension. You can consume it in clove, minced or powdered form whatever way you like. The only thing that you would not like about it will be a very bad breath.


Cayenne pepper is another very good supplement used to reduce blood pressure. There is no need to consume cayenne pepper straight as you can mix two tablespoons of honey with it. Boil it with water when it is warm. It tastes good and will definitely help in the reduction of BP.


Supplements which contain lycopene, phytoene, phytofluene and polyphenol are considered very suitable in treating hypertension. The tomato is said to contain these supplements. Co-enzyme Q10 is another very important supplement which heals the problem of hypertension at the cellular level. You can buy the co-enzyme Q 10 tablets from the market.


Vitamin C is a supplement which helps in expanding the blood vessels. Therefore, if you are consuming vitamin C in proper dosage daily then you can experience up to 9 % drop in BP with this.


Generally, people take oranges to fulfill their body requirement of vitamin C, but you can also take vitamin C tablets from the market.


A magnesium dosage of 300mg daily is suggested by the physicians to keep your blood pressure under control. It is essential to consume magnesium along with calcium as both of these elements help in the absorption of each other.


Hypertension is a common problem and most of the people today suffer from this problem. However, taking these natural supplements for high blood pressure will definitely give you positive results.

However, you need to be patient in this as it will take around 30 days to observe some visible results.


Apart from all this, drinking more and more water will also help you in keeping your body healthy.




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