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SmartDebit to Collect Payments

by davein

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SmartDebit is ideal for all kinds as well as sizes of organisation or company. Large corporates as well as small and medium enterprises uses Direct Debit to ease the procedure of receiving payment. You will have complete control on the payments that are to be received on a regular basis. There will be an improvement in cash flow because of the timely and assured payments and because of the convenience that you offer to your customers it would be easier to retain them for long period of time.


SmartDebit is always advised over the services offered by a bank because of the ease of use and extra facilities that come with the schemes offered by the company. To start with, if you do not have a Service User Number (SUN) then you will be facilitated with it whereas if you opt for the services via bank then it will have many formalities to be fulfilled that would be time consuming and complex as well. Banks also help in collections of only those organisations that have high turnover because only then would it be profitable for them. For them profit making organisations are the priority, but with private service providers you can be assured of getting the best services for all the kinds of organisation.


All the details are assessed properly that are provided by you and then an implementation number is provided, which is highly essential for carrying on the activities without any delay. Individual SUN is needed which will be the identification for the name and existence of the organisation or company, and this name would be displayed on the statement of the customers. If you already have the SUN, you can give instructions to your bank regarding the completion of Direct Debit formalities and let them use the name of the organisation or company on the bank statements of their customers. With SmartDebit it is easier to work without any delay in the transaction process.


SmartDebit collects all the payments via Bacs, which is the governing authority of Direct Debit payments throughout Europe. If there are any issues regarding the clearance of payments, you will be immediately notified about it. The money received gets directly transferred into the nominated account within a few days once the transaction's due date arrives. If you want to receive direct payments on your website, you can encourage your customers to sign up and make payments with every purchase made via e-commerce. This is also facilitated by the service provider.

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