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The Process of Installing Solar Racking System

by caylenadams

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During this modern age solar energy is the most economic as well as environment friendly way to get electricity by applying a little effort. This is the most preferred way to get sufficient energy by the people for fulfilling the needs of daily electricity needs. Solar racking technology has generally made the use of solar panel progressively and the process is becoming more popular nowadays. This is a unique process of generating energy from the sunlight and converting it in renewable energy for everyday use. Here are some important steps you need to consider when installing solar trackers.

Obtaining Permission of the Local Authority:

You need to take the permission from the local authorities before installing a solar racking system for your own use. In many cities using solar panel is banned for domestic uses due to aesthetic reasons. This is the reason you need to take the permission of the local zone authorities prior to installation of the solar trackers.

You Need to Choose the Right Place:

Before installing this solar panel system you need to decide where you will place the solar panel system. Generally these solar racking systems are installed on rooftops in order to receive the direct and maximum amount of sunlight. Actually the main thing is that you need to place the solar racking system in such a place where it is fully exposed to direct sunlight. By doing this you can ensure that your solar panel will work with the optimum capacity. However, this position angles can be measured by the company from which you are obtaining the solar system.

Mounting the Solar Panels on the Roof Beam:

Mounting of your solar photovoltaic panels is another important step of installing the system. Generally the manufacturers offer three main categories of solar panel mounting systems. They are pole mounts, roof-ground mounts, and flush mounts. You can either install these on the roof or affix them as free standing unit by using these mounts. These solar panels are generally attached the panel to the roof and at the same time provide support to the panel of the bottom. This also permits the system to adjust with the device so that it can produce the require power output. You need to make sure that the mounting system is placed at a distance of about 48 inches and at the same time you must locate it directly on the top of the roof beam. You must ensure that each mounted part is safe and sound and leak proof.

Anchoring the Solar Panels:

Anchoring the solar panels to the solar racking systems is also an important part. You need to keep the rafters together and for preventing splitting. You can tie up the base of the mount by using stainless by using the steel lag bolts.

Setting Up of the Solar panel Junctions in the Electrical Circuit:

At the end of all these works, you need to interconnect all the solar panels by setting up all the junctions present on the back of the each panel and at the same time fix the electric wires into their appropriate terminals.

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