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Bladder Regulate Surgical procedure

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Generally, urinary incontinence problem is caused due to loss of control over the bladder and this condition is distressing and women are more prone to such condition as compared to men. Even though, different medicines and exercises are available for bringing about control over the bladder in such a way that patient can be relived of the uncontrollable urine problem, for patients at advanced stages, these medicine and exercises do not work out thereby forcing their medical care provider to opt for bladder control surgery. This surgery is referred to as TVT sling surgery or sling procedure.

Under this surgery, tension-free vaginal tape or tissue from the abdominal fascia of the patient is used for regulating the problem. Under this method two different approaches are followed by the health care providers; under one method called as Transvaginal tape procedure, the surgery is carried out through the vagina itself and the other method is called percutaneous process under which a pair of small incisions are made on the abdominal area.

Burch colposuspension is another form of bladder control surgery and it is done on women with stress incontinence problem. Under this procedure the urethra and the neck of the bladder will be separated from the public bone that is then elevated and not negated by stitches that move through the public ligaments and the vagina.

Most of us have fear for surgeries and therefore to protect themselves from Transvaginal tape surgery, it is better that women facing incontinence problem should approach their health care provider in the initial stages itself in such a way that the problem can be cured with the help of medicines and kegel exercises. Generally, medical care provider will be opting for surgical procedures only when the medicinal procedures are not working out. But, many women were able to get out of the problem just with medications since they contacted their health care providers in the initial stages of the problem itself.

However, if the health care provider finds that TVT sling procedure is the only option, it is better to ensure whether the procedure is done only under the supervision of a professional health care provider, who has experience in conducting these surgeries. The professional should clearly explain the benefits and risks pertaining to the surgery and the post operative procedures to be followed should also be clearly explained in such a way that any future problems can be avoided.

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