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Zip File Corruption Due to CIH Viruses

by Dsmith

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Most of the computer users have encountered problems due to virus attack. For those who haven't will surely face it in near future. A computer virus is competent enough to completely corrupt any file, including the executable files. One major example of executable files, prone to corruption is, Zip files. Zip files are self-extractors or executable. In most instances of Zip file corruption, due to virus infection, the user may encounter an error message when s/he tries to open the file. The error messages do not allow the files to be opened, further resulting in inaccessibility of data saved in Zip file. To access a Zip file data in such cases, the user can use a good backup for file restoration. But, with majority of computer users not maintaining a valid backup, it becomes mandatory to use a third-party Zip Repair tool to perform Zip file repair.

To illustrate the above case, consider a practical situation where you receive the below error message while trying to open a Zip file:

"Header Corrupt"

The above error message results in inaccessibility of all the information/data saved in the Zip file. In addition, the same error message pops up every time you attempt to open that file.


The fundamental reason for the occurrence of above error message is corruption of Zip file due to a fatal virus attack. The three main viruses that corrupt Zip file(s) are W95.CIH, Spacefiller, and Chernobyl.

To prevent the occurrence of the above error message, always have an updated anti-virus software installed in your system.


In case the Zip file is already corrupted and you have not maintained any backup, then you will need to opt for an effective Zip Repair software. Such Internet-downloadable tools can Repair Zip files after almost every logical corruption situation like, virus attack, application malfunction, and operating system corruption. These third-party repair applications are completely safe and do not modify the original data of Zip file. Such tools are easy to understand without any former technical knowledge.

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