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Hardwood floor should be mopped with care

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Every house has different kinds of floors. Some have vinyl flooring, some might have linoleum and laminate and others might have hardwood flooring. Out of all, generally hardwood flooring gains popularity. This flooring comes in several colors; thus, giving an elegant looks to your house. These floors are easy to maintain, but to give them a long life; you should use a hardwood floor mop, which is preferred to clean this type of floor.

Clean the floor regularly to make it germs and stains free. Always use floor mats near the doors to avoid the dirt particles. Many times people, especially children prefer to recline on this floor to do their work, to eat and play and many other activities as it is very comfortable. Thus, its proper cleaning is vital. You should always select a good quality mop to clean the floor regularly. Also, avoid deeper cleaning as it may damage the floor. It’s hard to maintain the heavy furniture as it can scratch the floor, so use a carpet under the furniture.

If you want to maintain the floors finishing and its beauty, avoid chemicals and use mild detergents. Professional floor cleaners are available in the market to remove all kinds of stains. To clean the floor quickly, always keep a mop handy. You should select the best mop to maintain the durability of the floor. There are many kinds of mops to clean the hardwood floor, such as:  

  • String mops
  • Sponge mops
  • Flat mops
  • Dust mops
  • Steam mops

All these mops are used to clean the floor and make it more fine-looking. Dust mops are used to sweep the floor, ceilings, walls and more. These are good to use as dry mops. You should always clean the floor before mopping it. String mops have great absorbency power to maintain the furnishing of the floor. They are attached with long cotton strings and hence, the name string mops. Flat mops are also good for all kinds of flooring and have a disposable pad with flat head. These are easy to use. It is used as a daily mop and is known to give great cleaning results. These are used for both wet and dry cleaning. Sponge mops come with an attached wringer and a sponge head, but are not preferred for hardwood floor. Steam mops contain a small refillable tank of water, which twirls the water into steam to clean the floor.

To maintain the hardwood floor you should follow some normal instructions and can enjoy a spic and span floor.

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