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RangaShankara tickets – Affordable and sell quick

by PreetiJagwani

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Theater is one of the purest forms of art. Actors that are molded in theater are brilliant. Some of the noted actors that were molded by theater are Naseeruddin Shah, Boman Irani, Nagesh Kukunoor etc. All of them are brilliant actors. Before technology took over, actors would perform in front of live audiences and generally would be accompanied by an organ/piano/ensemble playing the background music. Theater first emerged in Greece. It combined aspects such as politics, religion, love and much more.

The best part about theater is that there are no multiple takes or re-takes. All of the actors have to act on the spot keeping the script in mind. It probably is one of the most difficult things to do. Actors who can do this with ease are extremely talented. With the advent of technology theater evolved into films. Even with films ruling the scene theater did not take a back seat. State-of-the-art technology was introduced to theater too. A good theater needs to have good sound acoustics, a proper seating layout and a well designed sound system. Some of the famous theaters in India are Prithvi theater, Rangashankara, NCPA and many more. Plays and other performances that are held in these theaters are of top-notch quality.

Rangashankara situated at JP Nagar in Bangalore was started by Arundhati Nag, the wife of renowned Kannada actor late Shankar Nag, in 2004. Shankar Nag's vision was to build an affordable, vibrant theater that world be thrown open to all people. It is exactly what he must have had in mind. It is a theater that promotes theater of all kinds and languages. What makes it even better is that the theater is leased out at very affordable rates. It is a state-of-the-art theater with brilliant acoustics, superb surround sound and a well designed seating layout. It is so well designed, that plays and events that happen at theater require no artificial amplification. The sound is crystal-clear to everyone sitting in the audience.

The kind of plays and concerts that happen at this venue are commendable. It comes as no surprise when Rangashankara tickets are sold out quite quickly. It'stickets are not very high-priced either. That is the best part of this theater. People can afford Rangashankara tickets and hence there is always a good turn-out at most events and plays that happen . It hosts a brilliant theater festival on an annual basis that comprises a lot of plays in many different languages.

During this time Rangashankara tickets sell out pretty quickly as these plays cater to a wide variety of audiences. It is the host to the popular and awesome Mango party. The annual Mango party at It celebrates the season of mango and this too sells a lot of Rangashankara tickets. After all Mango is the national fruit of India. Ugadi is one of the most celebrated festival in South India. It holds the Ranga Ugadi festival annually. During this time, Rangashankara tickets sell like hot cakes. It is one place a theater-lover should visit.

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