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How Colorado Springs Roofing Contractors Build Your Roof

by vernieherr

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There's more to the typical Colorado Springs roof than a large, durable, flat material protecting the top of your home. If not, you can just refer to it as a "roof" after simply slapping wooden planks, concrete blocks, and old fruit cake chunks up there. Just like every word is important to make a well-written story work, every component put in by Colorado Springs roof contractors is essential to a well-built roof.
Roof construction starts with the trusses, which are wooden structures created to shape and hold up your roofing system. Most builders like to build trusses—rather than using 2x8s and 2x10s rafters—because they're strong, effortless to build, economical, and pliable. Truss types involve "M", "scissors", and "gable". The trusses are then covered in plywood to lay the base for the various other roof layers.

The trusses support a roof deck, which has 2 elements: underlayment and sheathing. The underlayment is typically roofing felt. Roofing felt is a paper-like material filled with asphalt, which offers the felt its heavy, black consistency. On the other hand, sheathing—where the roof material is attached—may be open (as in the case of wood shakes) or made from plywood or fiberboard.

When the Colorado Springs weather becomes bad, several roof areas are more susceptible to damages than others. These involve the parts where your roof sticks out and dips, like the gutters, roof valleys, and near the chimneys. Thus, it's required to set up flashing on these parts. Flashings for your Colorado Springs roofing are typically composed of either flexible plastic or metal.

When snow, hail, rain, and so on fall from your roof, the next job is to ensure that these will not wind up destroying your home's foundation. This is where your gutter system plays a part. The gutters line the roof edges and are created to slope slightly, so it's much easier for water and debris to flow within the gutters, down the downspout, and far from your residence.

When you know exactly how your roof is built, it's easier for you to maintain, repair, and replace the roof as required. A good roof starts with efficient roofing materials (e.g. metal, tile, wood, and asphalt) from trusted Colorado Springs roofing experts. For even more info on the different roof materials, browse through

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