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Know your responsibility when you hire a car

by xecutivecars

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So you are organizing an event to celebrate a special occasion with your family and friends. In addition to all the arrangements that you have to make for the wedding venue, one thing that can make your event even more special is hiring a lavish car as the transport medium for the event. You will make many considerations for deciding which car should be booked, from where you should get it, what the rentals will be and everything else. But you should also keep in mind that hiring a car entails you to lot of responsibility. Some of the precautions are obvious but a special attention is required to handle the belonging of someone else.

Ensure that you know the road-map

First of all you should know the exact road-map of the area. If you have hired a chauffeur along with the car, then you only need to know your address but if you are going to pick the car up from the executive car hire company, you should ensure that you know exactly how to reach your destination. It will be time consuming and maybe embarrassing if you got lost in the midway. Even if you have a map of the place with you, it is better to have an idea of the roads of the area as reading the map while driving can be dangerous.

Know your vehicle

You should try to get the access of the vehicle one day before the event. It will ensure safety and avoid mismanagement. When you get the vehicle, you should acquaint yourself with the operating mechanism of the vehicle. Different cars have different system for controlling lights, windscreen wipers, indicators and locks. Each function incorporated into a vehicle has a purpose which is important in its own way. Knowing all these functions will save a lot of your time at the day of the event.

Abide to traffic rules

You are the one responsible for your own safety. Wearing seat belts all the time, taking care of the traffic rules, following speed norms, etc is your moral duty and these rules are regulated for your and other road users’ safety. As the vehicle is new for you, you should be extra cautious about the vehicle’s temperature, fuel, etc. You should also keep some emergency numbers handy in case you meet with an accident. Although having a chauffeur riding the vehicle will make you relieved to an extent, yet being aware of these safety rules will also help you keep a check on the performance of the driver because while you are sitting in the vehicle, you will be held responsible for any mishap.

If you have hired a vehicle from an executive car hire company, it is your moral responsibility to return it in the same condition. Make sure you take out all of your valuables that you have placed in the vehicle like your bag, music CDs, your phone or any of your belongings. It is a must that you ensure total safety while using the vehicle to avoid any damage to it, but if something unavoidable happens, check the terms and conditions of the company related to it. If you find this infirmation usefull please give your valuable comments or for more details pleae visit :


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