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Content Writing Process & Services

by manishyadav

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With the advent of internet, the profession of writing has acquired a whole new dimension. Content writing is an evolving field that is concerned with writing for the web audience. Prior to the internet, writing activity was for majorly restricted to magazines and newspapers or occasional ghost writing projects. However, today every web development enterprise, internet or e-commerce company is seeking to hire content writers india  with relative experience.

Content writing is a very vast realm that is inclusive of the following services:

• SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Writing

• Medical Writing

• Technical Writing

• Creative Writing

• Business Writing

• Report Writing

• Internet Research Writing

• Travel and Leisure Writing

• Website Content Writing

• Blog Writing

• Article Writing

• Press Release Writing

• Classified Writing

• Academic Paper Writing

• Product Description Writing

In addition to the above mentioned fields, there is an ongoing trend to hire content writing india  to manage social media accounts such as facebook, twitter of an enterprise. With the increase in the number of online audience, more and more companies venturing into the virtual world to promote and market their products and services.

Most correspondence and information is extended to the internet through writing. There is an innate demand to employ seasoned content writers with the experience of writing for the web. Web writing has to be accurate, precise and simple to understand. It should be clear and useful enough to pass on the message or purpose of the writing. Content writing is an expertise that calls for a right blend of creativity, language and execution. Developing content for the web is a much layered process that goes through the following phases:

• Thought Process: This is pre-writing phase, where the writer analyzes the purpose of the write-up. He/she, then, accordingly conducts research and gathers relevant information that may be useful for writing. If, a content writer is developing content for the purpose of SEO, then he/she will have to incorporate the keyword in the most logical way. This is a very crucial phase, and the effectiveness of the article/blog/posting depends on it.

• Writing: This is the next phase that essentially involves penning down of gathered thoughts from the preceding phase. The content writer has to make sure that the writing is exciting, accurate and original. Although most writers conduct research from the internet before getting down with the task of writing, they are expected to add their own perception and ideas into the writing so that the final product is original and not a copy of the material available on the web.

• Proof Reading: Once the draft is read, the writer revises his/her article. Proof reading makes the document better and eliminates error if any. In order to explore the field of content writing, novice writers must polish their writing skills. Content developers who are medical writers, business writer or technical writers are experts in the field or medicine, business and technology respectively. For example a medical writer may be a qualified medical or health care professional who has a flare for writing. But despite their expertise in the field, they have to follow certain web writing standards. Therefore, irrespective of the field and service, hire a content writer who is familiar with web writing techniques and style manuals .

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