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Looking for a Smoking Alternative? Try Nico Cigs

by dnieva

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While in the quest for the best smoking alternative, the E-cigarettes beat the rest in the race. The electronic cigarette has come in to change the game and how people enjoy their nicotine fix. This option is by far healthier and cheaper than smoking standard tobacco based cigarettes. However, there is one issue that may arise as you look for the best alternative, quality. The quality of a smoke is what matters, and with a handful of e-cigarette makers in the market, getting to find a good make of the e-types can be rather confusing. Nonetheless, there is one contender that stands out from the rest; Nico Cigs, the best electronic cigs in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Nico Cigs are created using the latest in technological advancements. Resembling the standard cigarette, a Nicocig is the same height and size as the standard tobacco cig. However, these cigarettes work differently from the tobacco alternative. Nicocig cigarettes are technological devices that work through a process to create a vapour enriched with Nicotine. While the standard cigarette emits smoke and a foul smell to many non-smokers, the e-cig option is odorless and smoke free. The e-cigs are known for their signature vapour which looks like smoke being released, but is harmless.

When thinking of getting the Nico Cigs, you get a starter kit which offers you what you need to start puffing on healthy smoking. A Nicocig kit contains several things, these are:

  • A case which is used to recharge your e-cigs and which holds two batteries and has five free slots to hold your cartridges on the left side.
  • It comes with 5 cartridges that are in assorted flavours and nicotine levels.
  • Two batteries that will power up your device; one is a spare for convenience when you need to charge a dead battery.
  • A charging system that consists of a USB cable and a mains adaptor for efficient charging wherever or through which ever port you find convenient.
  • Another thing that makes Nicocig the best maker of e-cigs is the carry travel case. The travel case is made to accommodate all the above components easing movement with your e-cigs.

Going for Nico Cigs is the best thing you can do. This e-cigarettes offer a practical, quality and yet cheap smoking solution. You can smoke with ease, wherever you want and without worry of your health being at risk. Also, Nicocigs have a great aesthetic appeal, and plus the fact that they are smokeless and odor less, make these e-cigs your best nicotine source.

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