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Treat Your High Blood Pressure With Natural Remedies

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As our heart pumps, a pressure is created in our blood which is commonly known as blood pressure. With every beat of the heart, pressure of blood circulates in arteries, arterioles, capillaries and veins. The maximum of this pressure is known as systolic pressure while minimum is known as diastolic pressure. The normal level of this pressure is 120/80mmHg. However, certain physiological disorder in the body may disrupt these normal conditions. The condition of hypertension is a serious condition where this pressure reaches above the normal range medically known as hypertension.


Hypertension or high blood pressure can cause several hearts and coronary attacks. This condition can occur due to obesity, age, genetic reasons, kidney failure, faulty diet and many others. The condition can be sure through medical assistance, dietary controls and some high blood pressure natural remedies.


  • High blood pressure patients should follow a salt restricted diet. They must completely avoid uncooked or table salt. If possible, it would be best for them to be on oil-free diet. Instead of salt seasoning, one must opt for pepper seasoning which facilitates smooth circulation of the blood.
  • It would be nice if you do brisk walking for 30 minutes twice a day.


  • If you are going through stress and tensions, start meditation and relaxation techniques to cope with it.



  • Cut down your smoking and alcohol consumption strictly.


  • Powdered or fresh mint leaves contribute a lot in reducing high blood pressure.



  • Garlic tends to reduce arterial spasms thus lowering your increased pressure of the blood. Along with that, it also controls pulse rate and cardiac rhythm.


  • Lemon keeps hypertension under control by strengthening capillaries.  Besides this, lemon and grapes have vitamin P content through which helps in mending any wear and tear of the arteries.



  • Seeds of watermelon either dried or roasted dilates the blood vessels thus bringing hypertension under control.




  • Vegetables like potato, parsley, carrot, spinach, etc. controls the high readings of BP.




  • Rice having lower salt and cholesterol can work for the hypertension patients. Moreover, rice has calcium which relaxes the nervous system.


  • To choose oil as a cooking medium, you must always pick unsaturated oils from extracted from sunflower, mustard, or the seeds of bitter gourd.



Any health disorder is due to the wrong lifestyle filled with woes and anxieties. There should be more insistent on physical exercise and a balanced diet.

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