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Why Your Teenage Girl Has See a Trusted ObGyn in Houston TX

by chelsealeis

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More than 400,000 teens give birth every year according to a research performed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Early maternity and giving birth can cause a remarkable result on both their physical and emotional state. For this reason, parents are recommended to make an additional effort to teach their teen little girls on reproductive wellness.

There are times, however, when parents would need professional help to provide support and expertise to their ladies on concerns of reproductive health. Hence, it's finest to look for the services of a trusted ObGyn in Houston TX to properly describe its importance, the obligations attached to it and the outcomes when it's not offered primary attention. In fact, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, teenage girls should go to their very first Ob Gyn examination between the ages of 13 and 15.

With regular ObGyn visits, the development of teenage girls can be kept track of as they draw closer to adulthood. In addition, there may be problems that doctors can not appropriately examine however which an ObGyn can deal with. As with any wellness condition, an expert is always the very best person to handle a fragile circumstance.

A visit to the ObGyn can be mentally frustrating for a teenage girl, and as a moms and dad, it's your duty to lead them through it. The very first assessment normally begins with getting-to-know-you till the patient is comfortable enough. This includes a conversation of general health, medical history, and way of living; this at some point proceeds to a heart-to-heart conversation of more individual problems.

An experienced gynecologist in Houston TX can clarify in detail all questions a teenage girl may have including problems she feels throughout her menstrual duration. If she is sexually active, the gynecologist can provide info on birth control techniques and ways to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. She will also remind her to have routine exams to ensure she is in good health.

Aside from obstetric and gynecological exams, a gynecologist may do a breast exam and a pelvic exam to discover developments which can be cancerous. For teens at least 18 years old, a pap smear examination may likely be done, too. For more information, go to

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