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The battle between wooden and aluminum baseball bats

by adam89

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The americans have always been very  enthusiastic about a game of baseball and nowdays they want to relive the experience the players have on the field . So if you are of those fans you might want to know some things about the equipment before you start playing. First of all you would have to make two teams of 9 players and also find a place big enough to play.  If you have this settled then you are half way to playing baseball like the pros!

The most important thing in a baseball player’s live it is the baseball bat. The performance of the player depends on it. His speed, his power  depend on the type of bat he is using  and also on its design. In order to be perfect the wooden baseball bat , it has to have the right measures :  a length of 42 inches (106.7 centimeters ) and a diameter of 2.61 inches ( 6.6 centimeters ). Also make sure that your future bat has been made from one piece of solid wood. This thing will certify its durability , and also you will know it is not hollowed .Some might be corked  with some substances in order to reduce the weight of the wooden baseball bat  that has to be  no more than 33 ounces (0.94 kg). Its weight may differ from player to player , some might want it heavier to have more control or others lighter for more force on the ball. The most popular wood for the bats it is maple but other types are used also : ash , hickory wood and even bamboo . Not long after the invention of the wooden baseball bats  those made from metal appeared.  Aluminum baseball bats were designed to make your bat more resistant to the contact of the ball with the bat which can have a 48 meters per hour. Also metal bats can hit the ball faster and farther than the wooden bats. Another feature can be the weight of the aluminum baseball bats that is much lighter than the wooden ones (ranging between 20 ounces and 27 ounces ) and being more suitable for those who prefer a lighter bat but still want to have the same speed and power that a wooden bat gives you.

Former baseball players used to have heavier baseball bats than the players nowdays . Back then a bat could weight up to 54 ounces. Clients that go to shop for a bat always try to find a bargain and look for  discount baseball bats  because a bat can be quite expensive but you might also find ones under 100 dollars. The aluminum baseball bats might be more pricy than the wooden ones but they are made to resist longer so it compensates the investment you have to make at first. You might want to look for discount baseball bats during the holidays when the sporting goods store want to sale the last items. Some buyers have said that they prefer the old fashioned wooden bat due to its appearance that they are familiar with and also the sound that it makes when it is hit with a ball ( a “crack” sound) whereas the metal bats have an unusual “ping” sound.

If you are a huge fan of baseball you will probably want the best for you and your team but it is good that sometimes you take advantage of the discount baseball bats and other items because with the money you save you can go and celebrate your victory.

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