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Smoke an Electronic Cigarette for a Healthier Life

by maemullen

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An electronic cigarette is one of the best options if you look to live a healthier, health issues free life. Cigarettes and cigars are majorly tobacco based products. This factor comes with it a host of health problems and issues that over time can develop some serious health risks to long use users. Certain elements in the cigarette like tar can lead to development of lung and mouth cancer, vessel and artery blockage, which may lead to amputation and even eye cataracts. With all these issues coming up from that simple stick with a fire at the end, there is need to find a working solution for a sickness and cancer free life.


The electronic cigarette is what you need. This option is a working and artificial means of living a life without too many issues that may be damning to your health. The e-cig is a mechanically designed replica of the real life cigarette except that with this option, it works through a set of procedures that is harmless to the user. The electronic cigarette works through emitting an aerosol spray that gives nicotine like stimulant that the smoker needs. An e-cigarette to operate has three basic parts;


The battery- which houses the circuits and the Li-ion battery that has to be charged once in a while. It is mostly at the front part of the cigarette. It also houses a small LED light that simulates a red glow like that of an actual cigarette.


The atomizer- this is the mid-section of the cigarette, which holds the heating element of the cigarette. It is here that the liquid is transformed to a spray for inhalation by the user.


The cartridge- the cartridge is the end most part of the cigarette and is mostly referred to as the mouthpiece. This part holds the liquid’s reservoir and a filter.


Once a user breathes in, a sensor in the battery unit activates bringing the electronic cigarette to life. It draws in the Glycol or glycerin based liquid from the cartridge to the atomizer, where it is heated up into a vapor state. Once in gaseous state, it then travels through the cartridge where it is filtered before getting into the users mouth.


The electronic cigarette is one of the best options since it is smokeless, odorless, has no health risks. It is considered an inexpensive substitute of or solution to quitting smoking. Have you been battling hard to beat the addiction? Then, this is the best solution for an easier way out.

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