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Important Reminders for a Pain Free Bikini Wax Session

by justinecricks

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A pain free bikini wax session may sound like an oxymoron, but it is actually possible. These days, you now purchase numbing creams that can make a bikini wax feel more like a treat and less like torture. An active ingredient called lidocaine delivers a numbing effect that oral medications like ibuprofen can’t beat.

Bikini waxing used to be an experience that’s notoriously synonymous with pain. Until the recent introduction of numbing cream, a lot of women (and quite a number of men) filled waxing clinics with their agonized screams. Some find hot wax on the pubic area a rather dreadful prospect, yet this pales in comparison to what comes next: a forcible yanks that pulls along with it unwanted hair in the pubic region.

Despite the pain, many swear by bikini waxing as a reliable hair removal method that produces lasting results. Since hairs are pulled right at the roots, it’ll take them quite a while to grow back. Bikini waxing leaves the skin smooth, clean, and easier to wash, thus making the public area less prone to developing body odor.

In the past, bikini waxers only removed hairs not covered by the bikini bottom. These days, a lot of women find that it’s less itchy to have the maximum amount of hair removed. This developed into what is now called Brazilian bikini waxing, which involves removing all pubic hair, including those surrounding the anus. Because of the delicate skin in the area, forcibly removing the hairs can be quite painful; in fact, some people reportedly develop skin disorders as a result.

A numbing cream for waxing the bikini line reduces not only pain but also the risks of skin infection in the pubic area. Certain numbing creams contain aloe vera extracts and phenoxyethanol, which have antibacterial properties. The numbing cream also contains skin conditioning agents that reduce skin irritation every time hair gets pulled out of the skin.

Interestingly, several numbing creams have been developed for male customers. Male genital waxing results in an entirely different set of complications, which is why a numbing cream designed specifically for men is a welcome invention. In any case, it is best to consult your physician before waxing. For more information, see

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