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Road Traffic Collisions and the Role Played by any Vancouver

by raleighcrowl

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Driving is undoubtedly the most danger-prone activity an average Vancouver resident will ever do. In 2005, more than 450 people died and approximately 78,000 were injured in road traffic collisions in the BC area alone. Though you do your best to steer defensively and responsibly, it's still recommended to understand what you must do - in the event you find yourself involved in a road traffic collision - like calling a Vancouver personal injury lawyer, for example.

Report the accident

Instantly following the accident, phone 911 if you have the ability to do so. Tell the operator whether anyone was wounded so he can dispatch support instantly. In the days or weeks following the collision, notify the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) about the miserable event by telephoning their claims line. They will provide you with a file number and schedule you for an appointment with an insurer.

Consult a lawyer

If you sustained an injury, you need to have your case assessed by a personal injury attorney before you have an appointment with the insurance adjuster. Commonly, legal representatives don't ask for you for an initial consultation so don't be afraid to meet one considering that it won't cost you a penny. An attorney on your side could be significant to secure your stake in the case.

The attorney will examine the evidence to ascertain if you were at fault or not. He will then determine whether you should submit a lawsuit. If he considers it required, he will advise you whether it's better to file immediately or after some time. He will think about the scale and difficulty of your claim along with the possible position that the ICBC might take against it.

Negotiate with ICBC

You can set up arrangements with ICBC any time after you've met with them. These arrangements will proceed until the case is settled, or you take the issue to court. Nonetheless, you can still figure out to negotiate even when the court trials are in progress. It is important to keep in mind that greater than 90 % of personal injury cases addressed by the ICBC are settled before trial.

Anything you say to the claims adjuster can be made use of in opposition to you. Thereby, it is wise for your Vancouver personal injury lawyer to guide you when it's time to see the insurance adjuster. Understand more about ICBC settlements from

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