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How Can a Direct Debit Bureau Help Your Business

by davein

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Today, there are more than twenty million people in the United Kingdom who opt to use direct debit as their payment system. These people prefer this system over traditional payment types. As a result, a huge percentage of regular personal and household bills are paid through direct debit. This payment system is one of the best effective, plus efficient payment methods available.


Direct Debit is a payment collection system that collects periodical payments directly from the credit card or bank account. The customer sets up their Direct Debit once by authorising certain organisations and business establishments to collect varying amounts of money from their bank account at certain dates.


The Purpose Of A Direct Debit Bureau


This payment collection method is becoming widely used by many consumers and business organisations. If you are the only business owner of a company, you may need to consider this payment system. It will be very beneficial for you since you can be assured that your clients will pay on time and the right amount will be credited to your account. However, you still have to make sure that the payments are made in the right amount, and the payments are collected at the right date. This will help you smoothly run your business. Doings so on your own, will eventually become time and resource consuming.


This is where the services of a Direct Debit bureau will become beneficial. The bureaus offer a complete service that caters all of your organisation’s electronic payments including the setup, processing, and crediting accounts. The Direct Debit bureau takes charge of the entire process thus relieving your staff of valuable time and effort.


Is Using A Direct Debit Bureau Service Beneficial?


There are several benefits to using Direct Debit bureau for your payment collection methods. Here are some of them:


  • You don’t have to worry about the investments made by your business for a software
  • You don’t need a lot of man-power to process and regulate Direct Debiting process
  • Your new clients can easily sign up for such payment collection method
  • You will easily get necessary notifications for unpaid, cancelled, or adjusted debits
  • A full in-depth report on all the activities issues at the end of the month.


If you are considering using a Direct Debit Bureau service, you can consider some providers that specialise in payment processing services. However, you have to consider some factors and issues before enlisting the services of one.

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