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MLS- the Leading Real Estate Listing Service

by jimreator

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If you’re looking into selling your property and you really want to make the most out of it, you should consider hiring a discount realtor. Discount realtors are individuals who offer real estate brokerage services at a fixed fee. By hiring one, you can get access to some pretty powerful tools. Most importantly, you get access to the Multiple Listing Service. MLS is the world’s largest real estate sales listing service. Nearly every plot of real estate on the market can be found within. If used properly, you can maximize your profit, and minimize your time.

In order to use this though, you need to employ a registered property agent to act as your discount realtor. This allows you to place your property up for sale in MLS under flat fee listing. Your property’s information will automatically be stored in your local MLS listing database. Once in the database, other real estate brokers, and potential buyers will be able to see it. Although this can take a bit of time, your visibility will be maximized.

MLS allows interested buyers and agents to view your property and all its details with little effort. Because there are no hidden fees or 3rd party services, you don’t need to worry about spending a lucrative amount of money for advertising if you sell as for sale by owner. Unlike other advertising methods such as newspapers and private sales, MLS spans across the world. There are hundreds of websites and thousands of 3rd party services that actually use it. Once your information is in, they’ll do the selling for you.

Because MLS is a private listing service that only authorized personnel can use, potential buyers usually hire a broker of some kind. Most serious real estate brokers and agents have access to it. By becoming members, they gain instant access to every little detail about any listing, including contact information. Sellers however, can only view properties in the MLS “flat fee list”. This is only a small piece of MLS. Although it can be extremely useful in selling a property, it’s still recommended that you find an official broker or agent if you want to buy something. Once again, only authorized personnel have full access to the multiple listing service.

In the end, hiring a discount realtor can really maximize your properties exposure. Not only will you receive professional help, but also access to some pretty amazing tools. If you really want to sell your house fast and get the most out of it, a discount realtor is the way to go. However, if you are interested in buying, you may want to look into getting yourself a real estate broker or agent. Make sure you ask them if they have access to MLS. Just by asking you put yourself in a much better position. Selling real estate can be a lot like buying a car. The more you know about your property and how to sell it, the better chance you have of getting a great deal. Always try to stay in the loop, and feel free to ask questions.For more visit

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