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Animal Rights for those voiceless creatures

by Peace4animals

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Almost all
of us grew up eating meat, wearing leather, and going to circus and zoo. Many
of us buy our beloved pets from the pet shops without even caring what actually
we are doing just to fulfill our desires. Those animals also are living
creatures and have their own preferences of living in a habitat of their
choice, with their fellow beings around. Who have given us the right to exploit
their living to fill our requirements? They deserve their own freedoms and

Suppose that
tomorrow a group of creatures from another planet land on our Earth, who consider
themselves as superior to us and treat us with same behavior as we treat our
pets or animals around us. We will be left to feel that we are like other
animals, whose decisions are taken by some big nasty creatures. Would they have
the right to treat you as you treat the animals you breed, keep you where they
want and kill you for food?

Surely your
response will be a big “NO”. Then why this treatment with the animals around
us, when we ourselves cannot tolerate such behavior? Animals surely deserve to
live their lives free from suffering and exploitation on their own will. They
have their own freedom to live where ever they want on our planet. Every human
must understand that those voiceless creatures have even the right to live and
choose their own freedoms.

Some of the Animal
that all the human must understand before treating the fellow
creatures with abuse and ill treatment for their comfort.

  • The
    right to live free in the natural state of their own habitat and belongings.

  • The
    right to life. They cannot be killed just for the human needs for food and

  • The
    right to reproduce.

  • The
    right to express normal behaviors like searching for food, grooming, nest
    building, roaring and breeding etc.

  • The
    right to choose their own lifestyle and live among their own breed and habitat.
    No animal should be kept in cages or forcefully trained to perform at circuses
    or zoos just for human entertainment.

  • The
    right to live free from human induced harm or abuse. No human has the right to
    kill the species or torture them to hunger, thirst, molestation, fear, distress,
    pain, injury or disease.

Organizations for Animals Rights believe that animals have an inherent
worth completely separate from their usefulness to humans. Such Animal Rights Organizations believe
that every creature with a will to live has a right to live free from pain and
suffering from the human or any other source on the earth. Animal rights is not just a philosophy, it is a social movement
that challenges the society’s traditional view that all the animals exist
solely for human use. All the animals have basic interests that deserve
recognition, consideration, and protection against the external or internal
abuse or harm. In the view of Animal
Rights Organizations
, these basic rights should be given to the animals with
both moral and legal rights to live their life full of freedom on this planet.

Different Animal
Rights Organizations
may approach the issue from different
philosophical perspectives but all agree that when the interests of animals are
the same as humans, nonhuman animals should be considered in much the same way
as humans and therefore regarded as part of the moral community and should
therefore not be exploited in any way, such as used for food or clothing, or
used in experiments or as entertainment and as laborers, nor should they be
regarded as property. They also have the right to live and breathe with us
without any fear of external sources.

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