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Women's Wellness: Learn the Positive Signs of Pregnancy

by chelsealeis

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Pregnancy and childbearing are believed to be the marvels of womanhood, and for a lot of women, it's a terrific and fulfilling landmark in life. Women and their partners who are striving to conceive a child should learn that there are "possible," "probable," and "positive" signs of pregnancy to look out for. Of the 3, positive indicators, which certainly require the expertise of an obstetrician/gynecologist, are the sure signs that you have an infant on the way.

Positive Pregnancy Tests: When the Signs Are in Your Blood

There are a number of home pregnancy test materials that you can utilize to initially check. But considering that urine tests can at times provide a false positive result, it's more effective to have a blood test. Hormones produced in the course of pregnancy could be detected in the blood as early as two days after implantation.

Fetal Heart Sounds: The Beating of the Tiny Heart

After 24 days of conception, the fetal heart starts to pulse. When you visit your OB/GYN at 10 weeks of pregnancy, he or she can employ a Doppler fetal monitor to magnify the heart sounds of your baby. The rhythmical swooshing sound would be like music to your ears.

Ultrasound Revelation: Little one's First Image

Offices of OB GYN Associates Houston women seek advice from have ultrasound devices in their examination rooms. By the 4th week of conception, they can show you the growing embryo in your womb through ultrasound. However, you'll just get to view little hands and feet by the 10th week. In reality, to make matters more unforgettable and special, many OB/GYN provide couples a copy of their little one's very first ultrasound image.

Palpation of Fetal Movement: Feel that Kick!

Fetal motion that is considered a "positive" sign needs to also be felt by an OB GYN Houston couples go to. The specialist will delicately put and move his or her hands on your belly to locate "quickening" or the infant's motion. Fetal motion can be solidly felt after 24 weeks of being pregnant.

There are a number of Houston OB GYN offices which you can investigate while looking for a medical professional that you like. Bear in mind that it's strongly suggested that you see an OB/GYN promptly after you make a decision to bear a child. To understand more about indications of pregnancy, you can go to

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