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Dissertation Writing Expectations vs Reality

by bestarticles4you

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Having high expectations for your dissertation is good. However, looking up to unrealistic expectations can be detrimental. Often when handling a complex project such as a dissertation on thesis, not all your plans will go in your favor. However hard you try to complete your dissertation writing on time, for some reason, things will not work out as planned.

In such a situation, you ask yourself if your dissertation plan is wrong. You also wonder whether to stick to the same plan or whether it is potentially harming your expectations. Somehow, after some serious evaluation, you find that your expectations were not going to happen because they are not realistic.

Unfortunately, you draft another dissertation plan similar to the previous one. Again, you find that your dissertation writing experience is no different. Panic sets in and probably you start questioning your commitment to the project. You might also start becoming critical of your research and critical analysis skills.

In such situations, it is best to determine whether your dissertation expectations match the reality. When working on a huge dissertation project, often expectations and reality will conflict and may require adjusting. The first step therefore is to map out your expectations on paper. When mapping out your dissertation expectations, consider your topic, knowledge, time, and dissertation writing experience.

If after analyzing and appraising your dissertation writing expectations, you still cannot find where the problem is, then check with your advisor. In any case, it would not be long before the whole map flops.  If reality does not match your expectations, it is a sign that it will not be long before you reject it. What you need to do is break down your dissertation plan.

Start by structuring a general dissertation plan and break it down into weeks. Each week should have a unique plan with unique activities clearly outlined. Re-evaluate your weekly plan and see whether it is helping you, achieve your dissertation project plans. It is always best to sit down with your advisor and craft a workable plan.

Sometimes what seems to be highly unachievable can easily be achieved with perseverance and discipline. You can make your out of the ordinary expectations work for you if you are committed to your dissertation project.

Accomplished dissertation researchers advise students to prepare a dissertation plan that allows them to work during the times they are most productive.  For instance, you can work during the morning hours, afternoon or evening. You can also allow yourself a few minutes of dissertation writing every hour.

However, if you have other responsibilities like work or family, you can decide to work on specific days only. During these days, ensure that you dedicate yourself fully to your dissertation project. Besides ensuring you work on the best day, also ensure you employ the right approach to your dissertation.

Dissertation expectations and reality are important factors to consider when handling such large research projects. Take time to prepare and compose yourself and you will find that you will make huge progress every week on your dissertation.

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