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Movies that Kids want to watch

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Before the roll of top 10 movies for kids 2012 was released, many parents were already having a smart quest on what kind of movie for kids will be expected this year. Not for them to see, but for their kids and children who find it gratifying to be able to witness totally entertaining movies. In addition, parents find it rewarding also to see their kids happy with the selection of movies they give to them. Kids tend to repeat watching good movies over and over again.


They find pleasure with the thought that they have already predicted the movie- its sequence, the disappearance of the characters, what would be the next picture, who wins over whom and a lot more. And, so as parents, you will somehow be relieved by giving them good quality films that are full of good lessons while uncompromising one great kid's movie. Here's a look at the top ten kids movies 2012.


1.The Avengers. With the biggest and brightest stars being the cast, you are rest assured of a grand action movie for your little ones. All the superheroes you have seen from different separate movies are now united in one movie attempting to save the humankind from evil forces.


2.Battleship. A movie that features a fleet of ships from the naval troupe who are to face and battle against the alien forces trying to stop with their intents of putting up a dangerous power plant on the Hawaiian oceans. A great movie for letting children learn how to fight against the bad for the good.


3.Prometheus. This movie will surely ignite kids' imaginings with its theme of returning to the Alien Universe and finding out where and how species came to be. For those kids who are inclined to this kind of thinking- this is the best movie to suit their wild thoughts.


4.4. Jack The Giant Killer. This fantasy-action themed movie is a must-see for kids who are fond of watching action based movies coupled with some thriller-romance twists. A farmer unleashed the gateway between the real world and those of the giants which was once believed to exist only in legends.


5. The Watch. Also, in the list for top ten kids movies 2012 is this movie about four dads who find it hard to pull off a time to get pleasure and get away from their families. They joined a local area watch organization, where they come across an alien trying to destroy the planet. Kids will definitely enjoy watching this movie especially with thoughts of seeing their own dads fighting against aliens.


6.The Campaign. Some would say that this movie isn't for the young ones, but most people will tell you the other way. A good political-comedic movie is really hard to come by, and so seeing this film will not only make kids laugh a lot, but will educate them on what is the real situation among political issues.


7. ParaNorman. This 3D animated film will not just wow kids with its amazing and cool effects. It also teaches kids a good lesson while delivering some horror and a whole bunch of humor.


8.Hotel Transylvania. Well, maybe your kid misses Dracula so much, but he’s back and has now become richer- being a fancy resort director from the outside world of humans. Problems started to arise when a boy discovered the resort and became interested with the Count’s daughter.


9.Finding Nemo. Treat your kids with their ultimate favorite movie sequel- Finding Nemo. Kids will surely be more amazed this time with 3D treatment of this movie.


10.Dorothy of Oz. With this movie's release date due in November, kids can’t wait no longer to see how Dorothy travels to an Oz to help her dear friends. Together with their kids, parents can also enjoy this flick. A great movie for all the kids out there-that's why it's in the list of top 10 movies for kids 2012

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