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'MSO9.dll Error' while copying object or slide

by larendaniel

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PowerPoint presentations fall prey to corruption very easily. A corrupt PowerPoint files displays unusual behavior and might leave you without data. The prominent reasons behind corruption include application malfunction, power failures, abrupt system shutdown, bulky files and more. Irrespective of the reasons, you are always at the risk of losing your critical information. Data loss is one major problem which PowerPoint users are often seen grappling with. However, things have changed in today's technology-driven era. PowerPoint corruption can be fought easily if you have a healthy backup available. And, if you do not have a valid backup, things can still be brought under control. If one of your PowerPoint presentations become corrupt and you do not have an appropriate backup to restore the information, you must acquire a professional PowerPoint recovery software.

Consider a situation, wherein, you have a presentation created with MS PowerPoint 2000 version. When you try to copy an object or a slide to this presentation, the attempt fails. Additionally, you get startled by the sudden appearance of the following error message:

"MSO9.dll Error"

The above error message can occur while dealing with a PowerPoint 2000 presentation in the following cases:

•If the object or slide in question is damaged or corrupt
•If the presentation is itself corrupt

The following PPT recovery steps should be considered to eliminate the error messages:

•In order to resolve issues while copying objects or slides consider these steps:
1.In PowerPoint, right-click the object and click Cut
2.Open Microsoft Word or Word Pad, and click Paste
3.Now right-click the object in MS Word or Word Pad, click Copy
4.Go back to PowerPoint, open the presentation in question and paste the object back in it
•If you are facing problems while cutting, copying or pasting the object, then you must delete the object and re-create it.
•If you suspect the presentation to be corrupt, then look for a backup copy and do a restore
•If the backup option is not available or unusable, you must download a third-party ppt repair application.

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