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I admire most teachers

by zbawerwer

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I admire most in the teacher, the first is the teacher in charge teacher wang. She is not only I admire a man, but the whole class every one, because we know, every day to night, she also sentenced to homework; We know, is sick, she never leave, hold to our class.

Remember that day was Friday, wang's lost his voice, speaking very laborious, total want to drink water. We said to her: "you don't speak, we will prepare." But, don't listen to the teacher wang, insist to give us lessons. Well, Friday is half a day.

Very not easy to last lesson, suddenly, WangJingWen scolded ZhaoYin value 1, the first teacher wang didn't pay attention to, but unexpectedly, WangJingWen beer, and scold the ZhaoYin balance in a word. Finally, the teacher wang couldn't help, screamed at the top of my lungs cried "out!!!!" After class, we all put WangJingWen surrounded, pop up her criticized. Because, we the class are very admire teacher wang, also love her, because she have done for us too much too much...

In the fourth grade, teacher wang held a class meetings, called "for friendship golden key", many students to write the king teacher, tell the truth, I also wrote a letter to the teacher, teacher wang also give me back to the letter, I asked the teacher: his did a lot of good things for the class, why not students approval? The teacher gave me the answer which have a word is like this:... For students to be more tolerant, more self-effacing, might get effect. From then on, the teacher's words have been written in my heart. I'm from the teacher's letter found in the gold key of friendship, and the other students in our class, the teacher to wang in at the same time, they let us add her to admire, because she is not only the church we cultural knowledge, at the same time also teaches us how to be a real man.

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