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What to Avoid When Shopping for a Used Car in Edmonton

by dantemallet

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For a lot of Edmonton residents, owning a car is a necessity. They often depend on vehicles to get them to and from work. They even use these vehicles for pleasure and recreation. For these people, vehicles have become such an integral part of their lives that it’s hard to imagine living without them.

If, like these people, you have come to realize the value of vehicles, then time will come when you will need to purchase one. Whether you’re purchasing a car for the first time or looking to replace the one you own, learning a few tips to make a better purchase will always help. Below are few of the biggest mistakes you should avoid on your next vehicle purchase.

Agreeing to Longer Loan Terms

Oftentimes, people who are looking to buy a car won’t be able to pay in cash. This is why price negotiations are almost always concerned with how much you can pay each month and how long you’re going to pay for it. Although it may not seem like much, an additional year on the loan can add a significant amount to the cost of the vehicle, so choose the shortest term possible.

Buying New Instead of Used

Don’t think of your vehicle as an investment. They depreciate in value quickly, and you can expect them to depreciate further the longer you own them. You can save your money by opting to buy used vehicles from Edmonton used car dealers. If you’re worried about not having warranty, you should know that some used cars have the same warranty as their brand-new counterparts.

Choosing the Wrong Vehicle

According to Statistics Canada, Edmonton enjoys shorter than average daily commutes. If you’re only using your vehicle to get to work every day, then you won’t need an expensive truck or a sports utility vehicle. Choose among the used cars sold by Edmonton used car dealers to meet your specific needs.

Providing No Down Payment

Some Edmonton used car dealerships will allow you to take a vehicle home even with no down payment. Although this sounds great, this usually means that you have to finance the full purchase price. If you do, you might find yourself owing more than what the car is worth. Learn the questions you need to ask when buying a used car by visiting

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