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Smart Phone or Foolish Phone? You Decide

by kellybrueggemann

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Blackberry gadgets and other smartphones have taken the business realm by storm. Due to their portability, which merges mobile phone and PC performance, staff members can now carry out their job just about anywhere, anytime. Smartphones even work as safe gateways to a business's network, allowing employees to access company information from remote areas.

If your company makes use of Blackberry smartphones, you should know the Blackberry Venture Server (BES). BES allows a smartphone to connect with workplace computers. It secures any message a computer gets then delivers the message to the smartphone with a wireless connection. In the past, BES was only restricted to sending notifications to employees on the field. Because of several strides and upgrades in mobile modern technology, users can now run multiple applications in their smartphones through BES.

Like other modern devices, Blackberry phones call for appropriate licenses before users can totally use the various functions and applications on their devices. Blackberry Enterprise makes use of client access license (CAL) to provide access to the Blackberry Enterprise Server. CAL is based on per seat, user, or device licensing, and often can be found in 1-5-10, 20-50-100 and 500-1000 denominations.

BlackBerry BES CAL also functions as a protected medium to redirect emails, synchronize contacts, and share information among several workstations, servers, and mobile tools. Moreover, BES CALs equal the word "secured". They are created to safeguard smartphones from any sort of malware by picking certain applications for use, figuring out the sources of unidentified applications, and restricting connection from third parties.

BES CALs can be purchased from the Blackberry Enterprise or with RIM-authorized Blackberry answers companies. They are offered individually and often delivered by email within a day of purchase. Setting up BES CALs takes only about two minutes, making them best for small-scale companies and IT departments in huge businesses. Ensure to buy only from credible and authorized suppliers or on-line vendors.

No one anticipated mobile technology to bring to life smartphones like exactly what the BlackBerry Enterprise offers. Be sure to obtain your BES license to take full advantage of BlackBerry's attributes and applications. Go to to to learn even more about BES CALs and other related topics.

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