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Too Busy to Take the Kids Out? Let Grandma or Grandpa Drive

by ellsworthmciltrot

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If you think that your grandma or grandpa isn’t fit behind the wheel, a study reports you may be mistaken. Last year, researchers concluded that it might, in fact, be safer if grandma or grandpa were behind the wheel. No, it not an April Fools’ joke; it’s backed up by a medical science study.

Fred Henretig, emergency doctor at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, led the study which indicated that elderly people may be the safer drivers than the younger generation. In the study, data was collected from no more than 12,000 kids up to age 15, as well as interviews from the drivers. The results surprised Henretig and his colleagues. With parents on the wheel, 1.05 percent of the kids suffered injuries; but with senior citizens driving, only 0.70 percent of the kids were hurt.

Researchers aren’t sure why this turned out, but they posited that driving styles and habits were a factor. One theory states that senior citizens are less distracted in driving than younger people whose mind loads up with daily and general cares and worries. Seeing that distraction continues to be the leading cause of road mishaps, the theory seems to hold water.

Lynn Purdy of the La Rabida Children’s Hospital in Chicago says senior citizens tend to drive a bit slower. It’s almost certainly true, but the reflex steers them to defensive driving which makes for higher road safety for themselves and their passengers. While many elderly drivers admit to enjoy driving fast every now and then, it’s possible that newer and speedier cars Edmonton people drive may challenge them at the controls.

However, Joseph Schofer of Northwestern University raised the issue that the study focused on older people whose average age is 58 years old, although many 65 years and above also participated in the study. So it seems no matter what kind of car in Edmonton seniors drive, you may take heart that, in the short drive to the park or to the school, your children’s grandma or grandpa may, in fact, be the safer driver on the road over that track racer nephew of yours.

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