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Elliptical trainers are best known for dual action workouts

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Treadmills have been the most popular exercise equipment for many years but, now the trend is changing and one finds many elliptical trainers in almost all local gyms. They are giving better results than treadmills by providing low-impact workout while exercising your upper and lower body. These machines are equipped with articulating foot pedals to reduce the impact or strain on your joints. The pedals are very comfortable and are adjusted to the angle of the machine, which helps in doing longer workout sessions. They reduce the stress and strain on the legs through a continuous elliptical motion. The machine is designed in such a way that the user’s feet are always in the walking position in midair. The best part of the machine is that there is no reverse action mode hence when the user starts walking; the motion is similar to the natural walking process involving ankle, knee and hip joint muscles. These machines also provide better weight bearing exercise as compared to any other stationary bicycle resulting into more weight loss.

They are also called as cross trainer machines because of their dual action workout system. It provides a unique combination of upper and lower body workout, which no other fitness machine can provide. This is why many people have shifted from using treadmills to cross trainer machines to tone their entire body muscles. While working out on them, a user works out on his quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, chest, back, triceps and bicep muscles collectively. This means more energy is consumed as the entire body is going through repeated number of movements, which ultimately results into more calorie consumption. Being a fitness machine it comes with many digital features, which allows the user to choose the resistance and speed levels. It also helps in performing different workout plans.

Elliptical trainers or cross trainers are considered the best home gym equipment in the category. They come in various models and sizes to meet different requirements. One can easily buy them from any local dealer or online and install it in their favorite corner of the house. Since it provides low-impact workouts, senior members of the family can also workout on it without any stress of getting knee sprains and joint pains. In all, cross trainer machines are the best in providing dual action workout for the body and helps in burning more fat as compared to other equipment.

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