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Bring Back the Lost Sparkle A Quick Guide to Pool Renovation

by cathynewman

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People, regardless of age, usually get excited about swimming pools. A dip in the pool is the best way to both cool down and spend some time with family or friends. However, those with pools in their homes could attest that pools deteriorate over time. For families that face this, pool renovation might be what you need.

Perhaps your pool is, its appearance doesn’t match your house, or you simply want to impress your neighbors; whatever the reason, there will surely be a pool renovation idea that would suit your needs, time, and budget. Here are some examples.

Don’t underestimate the power of lighting. A good lighting scheme gives a pool a striking impact; it also creates certain moods, depending on the color and intensity of the light. Whether it is underwater lighting using tube-lights or landscape lighting that creates dramatic shadows, a good lighting scheme could give your pools some added luster.

The weather could easily take away the shine out of your pool tiles; this is especially true in areas with varying atmospheric conditions like Chicago. Oftentimes, dull-looking pools can discourage people from taking a dip. However, with some pool tile renovation, that could all change. Simply changing the color and design of your pool tiles could drastically uplift its looks. A pool contractor in Chicago can take a look and discuss your tile and liner choices.

Adding a gazebo adds to the aesthetics of your pool area and provides added functionality. It can serve as a relaxation area and can be quite useful in storing pool equipment, especially during winter. Once installed by pool contractors Chicago residents count on, your pool area will have that pizzaz it has been missing for a long time.

For the ultimate relaxation experience, you can convert a portion of your pool into a hot tub or a jacuzzi. This way, after a very tiring day at work or school, you can relax and relieve fatigue in the comfort of your own home. Having hot tubs or spas installed is simple; a professional pool contractor in Chicago can simply do the job for you. For more information regarding pool renovations, simply log on to

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