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Social Media Contributes Maximum Effort For Startup Business

by madison01

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The dynamic pattern of online marketing is now evolved into an improved user platform so-called Social Media marketing. Unlike everything else, social marketing should be carried out neither excessively nor moderately, especially in case of small businesses. Still it needs social media optimization to interact and drive traffic from millions of people. Now the question arises, what is social media optmization and how can it be utilized for startup businesses?

Social media optimization in a brief.

Now the large part of the internet is crowded with millions of people by different social networks like Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Myspace, etc. Social media optimization refers to a part of Search Engine Marketing to drawing traffic flow to your website by social media activities. It is the rapid way to spread a news or information about your company. News get shared among users to users who show common interest. I will explain how social media is not only limited to getting visitors, but also required for brand recognition and reputation management.

A lot of companies are going on increasing day by day. For startup businesses, you have to do a lot of efforts to get noticed. The only thing you need is publicizing your products or services which can influence people to show interest in their products or services. This can be achieved by using none other than social networks. Social network helps you getting customers, visitors, investors, etc by advertising over online media.

How they work?

Statistics from various surveys shows that approximately 80 percent users are using internet most of times and around 25 percent time is spent on social networks out of which 50 percent users are buying products or services. Fact is that, a user not simply buys the products just looking at the ads, he/she used to buy in the basis of recommendation by the people in the social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Remember, customer services act as an important factor for customer satisfaction. If your product or service suits best for the people, they go for it and recommend it to others.

There a thousands of people having a profile which are socially connected to each other by friends, family, friends of friends and acquintance, etc. When somebody buys a product or services, he is more likely to like it, share the experience with others by tweets & posts and talk about it in groups or pages. Others read, discuss about it and share it. These activities goes on and on and on. This example was considered for a single user buying your product or services. Can you imagine the power of social media, when this example is applied for the thousands of people connected in the social networks having the same interest. Not to mention, there are people having profiles in various social networks, makes it easier sharing contents in front of massive audience. What all you need is building trust between friends and their friends. Undoubtedly, you can more visitors and traffic to your website which will bring a huge improvement to your website and ROI as well.

Additionally, there are other social media platforms like blogs, RSS feeds, Video sharing, Image sharing, Forums, Social bookmarks, Podcasts etc. Blogs can attract more traffic to your website. Updating regular articles and stories in the website seems a bit difficult, so the blog is introduced to update news and articles. Blog is otherwise called as mini website which can refer links to your website. Sharing your blog in the social mediaand RSS feeds, attracts readers to get updates and increase interest in their products and services. People will get connected with the blog to stay updated with your new products and services. Microblogs like Twitter, Tumbler, etc can drive traffic to your blog and blog will refer them to your website. Social bookmarks such as Digg, delicious, reddit, etc will help your stories to be shared among most people on the web. You can focus on the quality of services by monitoring activities and reactions of your customers.

People are highly interested in watching videos of new products or listening to them. There are many sources for video sharing, image sharing and podcasts. Youtube is regarded as the largest and most popular video sharing site followed by Vimeo, Metacafe, Howcast, etc. The chance of getting visitors and traffic is really high. You can share products and services videos for their promotion. People are searching for images about your products and services. You can get traffic from this source as well.

These are the various reason to use social media marketing for your starup business. All these process sounds interesting and very easy as well, but if you are new to social platforms and its techniques, you cannot produce much out of it. Either you need someone to take care of your social activities else you must have to do it yourself. TruOn SEO company USA is highly dedicated to grab traffic naturally as well as building a brand recognition. What do you think, will it do any good for you or not? How far you think is possible to do Social Media Campaign yourself rather than hiring a SEO company who can do the job for a reasonable cost?


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