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Improving Your Skating Speed With These 3 Hockey Workouts

by liyo89

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If you want to be an all-star hockey player, being able to skate at top speed will definitely be a priority. While your on-ice conditioning will be very important to developing this skill, doing some off-ice hockey workouts can help out as well.


Many hockey players aren’t spending as much time in the gym as they essentially could if they wanted to boost their performance.


Let’s look at the top hockey workouts you can do in the gym to improve your speed capacity.


Walking Lunges

The first good lower body movement to perform that will target all the muscles that are used in each stride you take is the walking lunge. Walking lunges are also good since they’ll increase your balance and stability, two other important fitness elements that are essential for playing well when on the ice.


When performing walking lunges, make sure to keep the body in a very upright position the entire way through so that you’re targeting the right muscle groups.



Next, squats are a must-have in any of the hockey workouts you’re performing. One thing that is important when playing the sport of hockey is to have good quad endurance as you’ll be in that slightly bent and crouched over position the entire time you’re skating.


Squats with a pause at the bottom can help assist with this skill. When doing these, you’ll want to use a tempo pattern of 2:2:2 rather than the typical 0 or 1 second pause you take at the bottom of the movement to boost that endurance capacity.


Perform 8-10 reps of 2-3 sets in each of your hockey workouts.


Side Leg Raise With Cable

Finally, the last exercise to include in your hockey workouts is a side leg raise with a cable. While this is a very non-traditional leg exercise, it’s going to help to improve the stride power capacity you have since you will be moving the leg outwards in that sideways movement pattern.

When doing these, stand on a slightly bent leg to help mimic the body position you’re in when taking a stride on ice. Raise the leg out as high to the side as possible and then lower back down to the side of the body.


So there you have some great exercises to include in your hockey workouts. If you stay committed and work hard, you should have no problem seeing vast improvements in your skill.


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