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When You Feel Like Shouting I Hate My Job, Watch Funny Video

by anonymous

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If you are working, you are sure to have experienced a few days when you feel compelled to say ‘I hate my job.’ It may be due to any reason such as unfriendly company policies, workplace favoritism, salary discrimination, or lack of required facilities. The reason may differ from case to case, but one thing is for sure and it is that the feeling of hating your job is quite common among employees all over the world. As a proof, we have several internet sites that have rant pages where the employees rant away their work rage by posting funny videos of their workplaces, bosses and colleagues, or by writing down their specific problem. They can write foul language and are even allowed to curse, if it makes them feel better.

Such written rants and videos are an effort at allowing the employees to ‘cyber-vent’ their anger by bitching about their workplaces, or poking fun at their bosses or the co-workers. These posts are anonymous to save the contributors from unpleasant repercussions at the workplace. You can even
contribute any work-related funny videos that you may have discovered on the internet. You may find that much bad language is used on these sites, but do not forget that the purpose is to take away the employees’ frustration and help relieve their stress.

The next time you want to shout out ‘I hate my job’, just log on to the internet and check out the sites where you can post your rant and also see other employees in similar situations ‘cyber-venting’ their anger. It will surely help ease your frustration and get you ready to face a fresh day at the office.

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