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Physical Requirements Your Roofer Should Meet

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If you would like to repair that leak on the roof or change a damaged shingle, you may do it on your own. But for more heavy-duty tasks, like reroofing, it would be a good idea to hire roofing professionals. If there's something they have that may help them get the project done, it could be their physical conditioning.

The U.S. Department of Labor requires roofing operatives to be physically fit for the job for a lot of reasons. If he is not hale and hearty, the roofer can get injured from the outset, which simply aggravates the burden on the roofing contractor. They allude to at least four essential characteristics of a good roofer when it comes to physical health and fitness. It's crucial to understand them to determine whether or not you're dealing with a dependable roofer.

Sheer brawn

As a roofer, he will be carrying heavy instruments and materials throughout the construction site most of the time A stack of asphalt shingles, for instance, can weigh a minimum of 70 lbs or more, and they must be transported from the vehicle up to the roof. Despite the fact that several roofing materials are now dramatically lighter, roofing operatives still have to do some heavy lifting.


Despite the supply of safety gear, every roofer ought to know how to balance. It only makes sense, seeing that a lot of roofing works carried out by a Virginia Beach roofing contractor call for a good combination of low and steep-sloped roof structures. By means of superb balance, roofers can avoid slipping to the ground, a frequent cause of work-related roofing fatalities.


The Department of Labor states the majority of roofing companies work overtime during the summer to get the job done, as they're aiming to finish work before the wet season kicks in. In typical cases, roofers must work in hot or cold weather to repair or replace your roof. A Virginia Beach roofing company normally sets its own schedule, so be sure to ask the company about it. They operate all day, and in some cases, all night, bending over and stooping for a more comprehensive repair or reroofing job.

No aversion to high places

A roofer should not struggle with altophobia or the fear of heights. If you want additional information about the physical qualities roofers should develop, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics website at BLS. gov. Otherwise, inquire with a contractor for roofs and windows Virginia Beach homeowners have been known to count on.

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