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People Without Facebook Account Are Suspicious

by anonymous

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All scenes and series are almost altering now. We like to get each thing and each key in seconds. We are in office, we demand all response in seconds behind any order, and whatever it is email or any forward statement to employees.


Such as in social portals like twitter, google plus and on facebook.we love to add current status and images in few minutes. Whatever in situations, we are carrying laptop, processors,  ipad , iphone etc.


Slashdot flagged a German news story in which an specialist distinguished that accumulation of slayer Anders Breivik and James Holmes both not have a good deal of a social media attendance. What are you assuming? Foremost to the termination, in Slashdot’s wording, that

 “Not having a Facebook account could be the first sign that you are a mass murderer.”


That’s a crumb intense.


But one more thing it is not deal of affection with facebook,if you are not carrying any account you can destroy your all moral as well, as I noticed many of more examples like who are not having any account on facebook.i also take it just like some silly state because it’s nothing more than to bring twist for facebook or making enlarge the business for social group.

Behind all this affirmed statement what users thought and how they add their views. Let’s have a look:


“Ha. I'm that guy. No social media page and an extremely common first and last name. If you Google my real name you get hundreds of results, but I ain't one”



“I have a name that is literally shared by NOBODY IN THE WORLD. Hell every time I Google my name, I only get results of myself. And most of it is stupid blog comments when I was too young to realize the importance of privacy.

I've tried my best to remove as much as I can. But I know it's gonna bite me in the ass someday.



Edit: Grammar. I also want to point out that I absolutely love my name. Surname is common enough but first name is shared by no one in the world. 7 letter first name.”



"I never had a MySpace page... nor have I ever had a Facebook page. I signed up for Twitter a few months back, quickly posted a single tweet, and then never used it again.



Even I also read many blogs and took experts views too, that all time narrate me that the gap of social media, as can be in many forms like twitter,facebook,google plus etc can invite you to be psychopath. So being stay away to social media can make you suspicious too, as many queries can occurs, like:


Why you are having space from normal life?




Which sort of activity makes you enable to have gap from normal community


Well at the same point, other thinks, there is no privacy. End of all solitude portions of lives.


It also makes satisfy to many questions as easy to get all normal info that appeals you to know who you are? From where you are? What are task you act in daily routine for earning. As even edge social info sharing tempts you to get new chance to visit places and folks.

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