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What You Should And Should Not Do with Your Waste Disposal

by kurtverdejo

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The garbage disposal in your Queen City of the West cooking area is a very helpful product which makes plenty of household duties less difficult. It is a home appliance mounted on your sink that crushes waste products which runs on a motor. Then again, garbage disposals are utilized so often in a house that they’re sure to get packed or blocked at one point in time.

If not operated or maintained accordingly, a garbage disposal will certainly stop working, clog and stop the drains, causing a large list of pricey plumbing related nightmares. Include that to the fact that garbage disposals are typically coupled to the kitchen sink. If this is the setup you have in your home, this will be a good enough reason to not keep it busted for long. As soon as your garbage disposal gets stuffed, have a reliable plumber in your area of the Wall Street of the West take a look at it quickly.

Luckily, if you do your part in the correct looking after and upkeep of your garbage disposal, such problems won’t be necessary. The old saying, “Treat it well and it will treat you well in return” undoubtedly applies in this instance. Under is a list of do’s and don’ts in handling your garbage disposal.


Keep the garbage disposal nice and clean by pouring a touch of dish cleaning soap inside it and run it for a minute or so with cold water. The cleansing soap will lubricate the parts while the cold water will harden any grease or oils so they can be much easier to wash away. This will keep rust and corrosion from developing and obstructions from accumulating. Do this consistently.

Denver plumbers recommend household owners to trim large waste items into lesser pieces. It is necessary that you put them in one each time instead of pushing a lot in at once. Additionally, you'll need to pre-grind certain hard materials like bone fragments, seeds, etc. These items, when pre-ground, produce a scouring motion that will clean the walls of your garbage disposal.


Don’t put hard, solid items like vinyl or metal into your garbage disposal. In addition, you should not put in cigarette butts and other flammable items. Although it may seem like smart to use boiling water when washing the unit, Denver plumbing pros show that this will likely only cause oil to liquefy and gather, and this could lead to constricting in your drainpipes.

Being the largest city in the Centennial State, Denver has many plumbers that can repair your broken garbage disposal for you. Many plumbers in Denver are not accredited, though. Safeguard yourself by employing a Denver plumber registered with both the State of Colorado and City of Denver. Find out more about garbage disposal at

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