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How To Recover Files That Are Not Available In The

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Any computer user finds his/her files to be an asset. Without these files, people find themselves to be completely crippled. Owing to this, if by any chance, they end up losing their files due to deletion or some other system problem, they find themselves to be completely helpless. To rescue them from their file-less state, reliable file recovery software are today available in the market. These come in handy when a user has either not created or not maintained a backup of his/her files.

To prevent such losses, Windows and other operating system have a recycle bin, which holds the file for a user in case, he she has deleted a file accidentally, and needs it at some point of time. So, in normal situations, one can always search for the file in the recycle bin, and perform file recovery. However, the problem comes when the recycle bin is too filled, and at the time of deletion of the file, the system prompts that the bin doesn't have space and the file will be permanently deleted, to which the user gives a go ahead. And if a useful file had been deleted too, then it becomes impossible for a user to recover it!

Also, there are times, when a person is sure of which files he/she wants to delete. In such situations, they can press shift while pressing the delete button. This deletes the files, instead of moving them into the recycle bin for recovery at a later stage. But after performing this action, there are times when people realize that there was one thing which they didn't intend to lose for another couple of days, and have lost that!

Furthermore, there are times when some files are residing in your recycle bin, and system cleanup prompts you to delete a couple of them. And in the heat of the moment, you end up deleting some files that you intended to check before removing them completely from the recycle bin. And, you are in that state where you do not know how to ascertain, if those deleted files didn't bear any vital information!

Well, for one, you may use backup to recover those files, or, use data recovery Software, like Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. With a number of recovery options, apart from file recovery, which include deleted file recovery, partition recovery, save scan information, resume recovery, and many more, this tool is a must have in such file loss cases.

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