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Administering First Aid for 5 Different Dental Emergencies

by calandrajanocha

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No doubt your mothers and fathers instructed you just how necessary it is to take care of your teeth. For that, they've instructed you to brush properly, to regularly see the dentist, to use a mouth guard if you're an athlete playing a extremely physical sport, and so forth. But what if something awful happens to your teeth and you don't have instant access to a dental expert?


The last thing you want when eating out with relatives, buddies, or colleagues is to ruin the overall mood by suddenly saying that you feel a pounding discomfort in your tooth. Courteously excuse yourself, go to the bathroom, and utilize hot water to wash your mouth (warning: do not swallow the water if you're using a public bathroom). Examine your teeth for any kind of particles lodged between them, and extract it. Don't try to use painkiller on your affected teeth or you will burn your gums.

Lost Crown

In case your dental crown suddenly falls off, do not panic if you can't call your dental professional right away. Apply clove oil over the afflicted tooth with a cotton swab. Then, place tooth paste or dental adhesive over the tooth before you cap it with the crown.

Bleeding Gums

Gargle cold water, as the low temperatures can constrict the blood vessels in your gums and slow down blood circulation. You could even utilize a cold compress from blocks of ice wrapped in clean, dry towel and apply it to the afflicted teeth till they stop bleeding. Use clean cloth to apply pressure on the location till your gums stop bleeding. Consult your dentist if your gums bleed often; you could have early indications of gingivitis.

Split Teeth

You lost balance on the floor, hit your mouth or jaw hard, and felt at least one of your teeth fall out. Similar to how you remedy toothaches, you have to wash and cleanse your mouth with hot water. Apply a cold compress, and if you can, seek the part of the tooth knocked out of your mouth, clean it, and put it in a container with milk before you go to one of the dentists Salem Oregon locals trust.

Injured Oral Tissues

Maybe you have actually hurt one of the following: your lips, cheeks, gums, or tongue. Mix salt with water, and gargle it. Dampen a piece of gauze and keep it over the bleeding location for 15 to 20 minutes. If bleeding will not stop, use a cold compress. If bleeding still continues, call one of the dentists in Salem Oregon.

Standard dental emergencies really should not be too worrying if you know what to do. For serious emergencies, seek the help of a great dentist in Salem OR. Visit for further information.

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