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Basic difference between trekking bicycles, comfort bicycles

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Cycling is the best form of physical exercises to stay fit. It is environment friendly and meant for all age groups. There are different types of bicycles designed for every age and weather conditions. No matter whether you are a casual rider or a professional cyclist a good and efficient bicycle will make a lot of difference to your cycling experience. Many cycle manufacturing companies are manufacturing bikes for different biking environments and needs. Popular types include mountain bicycles, road bicycles, hybrid or trekking bicycles, urban bicycles, comfort bicycles and many more.

 Out of these most commonly used are hybrid and comfort bikes. Hybrid bicycles also called as trekking bicycles are a blend of mountain and road bikes. These bikes are designed with more characteristics of mountain bikes than road bikes. In short they are strong and heavy like mountain bikes ideal for rough terrain ride, whereas they are comfortable and fast like road bikes to travel on the street and paved roads. These trekking bicycles are very popular amongst bike lovers because of their combine features, which make them adaptable for both mountain trekking and leisure riding on the streets. These bikes come with wider wheels like mountain bikes to enhance stability and durability for treks across the mountains. Most of these bikes are equipped for long journeys and come with mudguards, lights and racks for carrying bags and tools.

On the other hand, comfort bikes are nothing but modified mountain bikes. These bikes come with a strong mountain bike frame and derailleur gears instead of hub gears. These bicycles have 26-inch wheels and 40 to 45 mm tires. They also come with a tall head tube to provide an upright riding position to the rider. Comfort bikes are packed with features like plush saddles, front suspension forks and angled handle bars specially designed for making it easy for the rider to bend from an upright position. Not all comfort bikes come with fenders, lights, panniers and racks for carrying bags and loads. These bikes are meant for casual riding around the city or for small and long distance travelling. The frames of these bikes are strong enough to face urban road conditions like potholes, drainage grates and bad roads, but cannot withstand heavy weather variations. These are light in weight as compared to trekking bicycles.

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