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What is Display Cabinet and Display Stand?

by cindyli

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Difference between display cabinet and display stand
In fact, display cabinet and display stand ( are a different name for a product, although it seems that some display stand is not necessarily a cabinet, but as a whole, display cabinets and display stands both belong to display products, which are just different names for a product.

The Function of Display cabinets and display stands
Display cabinets and display stands are props for merchandise displaying, whose function is different from the shelves. The shelves only have the storage capabilities, the products stored inside only requires being able to be categorized, which are now generally used in warehouses and supermarkets, as well as some of shopping malls in the rural town. The display cabinets and display stands are widely be used. The major shopping malls, department stores, upscale supermarkets, specialty stores and company showrooms use the display cabinets. The display cabinets can not only provide storage capabilities, which more importantly provide displaying function for merchandise. So the display cabinets and display racks are generally exquisitely, colorful, solid structure, easy to assemble and easy to transport.

Display cabinet and display stand is a very beautiful work of art
According to materials, there are sub-iron display cabinets and wooden display cabinets as well as the organic display cabinets. The main material of steel display cabinets is cold plate, square tube, pipe, stainless steel and other materials, the surface treatment is mainly baking or baking powder and stainless steel is polished or brushed; wooden display materials include MDF, glass and organic board, the surface treatment is painting; organic display cabinets all use plexiglass, which are composed by cutting, bending and bonding. Because display cabinets and display stands have displaying function, so they will use organic light box together with the silk screen and lamps. Now a large number of LED lights are applied, so the display cabinet and display stand itself is a very beautiful work of art, which is both practical and artistic.


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