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Types of Law Enforcement Equipment

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Police officers are just one example of law enforcement personnel and professionals that always use the same type of law enforcement equipment and tools. Because their duties and tasks are to serve and protect, they need to have equipment that helps them to do their jobs in the most efficient and effective ways. If they do not have the right and proper tools and equipment then they will be incapable of doing their duties effectively. Here are just a couple of the various types of equipment and tools they need to have on the job so they can perform their duties.

Bulletproof Vests – A Bulletproof vest is a type of body armor which protects police officers from being critically shot. The vests are normally made from multiple layers of fibers that are impenetrable to bullets. However, they do not protect the user from the impact and trauma that results after being shot.


Service weapons – A service weapon can be a handgun, a shot gun or a rifle that is almost carried by all law enforcement personnel. The type of service weapon a certain personnel carriers around is dependent on the department they belong to. There are certain officers that do not take around guns but instead carry Tasers.


Pepper spray – Pepper spray is another usual type of equipment that cops use. This equipment is often used as a last resort.


Belt holster – A belt holster is a piece of equipment that is typically a part of the officer’s uniform. It is normally used for carrying not just a gun but also can be used to carry a flashlight, a baton or even a can of pepper spray.


Binoculars – A binocular is very useful for law enforcement personnel. In fact, there are now binoculars that have night vision so that it can be used at any time. A police officer can use this for viewing a target at a distant place or for general surveillance purposes or to get the license plate of a certain person fleeing the scene by car.


Two Way Radios – Two way radios are mostly found in police cars but can be carried by a police officer as well. These are what allow law enforcement personnel to know when there is a problem or dispute in a certain place close by so they can respond to the call from the dispatch department.


Along with the important law enforcement equipment and tools there are also necessary carrying cases and pouches etc. to transport these equipment in a safe, convenient, comfortable and easy to access manner. Each type of equipment has its very own kind of pouch such as batons that are placed in baton pouches, radio pouches for transporting radios on their person and even pouches for magazines and even handcuff pouches as well.


Law enforcement personnel have to have the highest quality equipment and accessories. Range Master Tactical Gearis one of the leading distributors of the best brands of law enforcement equipment and accessories that provide consumers with the highest quality tactical items and gear.

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