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An Analysis Of The Cannondale 2011 Bicycle Releases

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Mountain bikes, track bikes, triathlon and road bikes are known for their ruggedness, style, and versatility. Triathlon bikes were designed for touring purposes, and later, road and mountain bicycles were introduced. These models have innovative frames that are made of hand crafted aluminium, and in some cases, carbon fibre is used instead of the conventionally used steel frame models.

Many bicycle manufacturers keep up their tradition of producing cutting edge technological frames and bicycles, and have introduced some new models in the year 2011. The Cannondale 2011 product range features some excellent range of bikes like the SuperSix 105, SuperX Hammertime Cyclocross 2011, and Slice Bike. Cannondale has always been able to produce highly affordable bikes with superior technology.

A budget model called SuperSix has been recently launched. The Cannondale 2011 launch also feature a women’s version of SuperSix. The SuperSix bike has already caused ripples in the biking world and has won many awards. Normally, a bike like this will burn a hole in your wallet, but this bicycle is highly affordable. But in this bike, components and wheels are low spaced and the frame is made of modulus carbon. Thus, the frames will be little less in stiffness and weight than the standard SuperSix. As a result, there is a considerable saving in the manufacturing cost, which is passed on to the consumers. Though this range is slightly low on specs than its racing counterpart, it still has the same reliability and ruggedness. It comes with a drivetrain chainset with 105 levers and brakes.

The other notable aspect of the Cannondale 2011 ranges is the feminine version of SuperSix. It is smaller in size and its starts at 44 cm, which is almost equal to the smaller sized bicycles of the men’s version. The women range of bicycles is no longer very girlish to the point of making the rider self-conscious. Even shorter men can use them and thus get another colour option; on the other hand, the women riders enjoy a superior performance. The feminine bicycles are priced equal to the men’s version. Though the SuperSix 105 has compromised in certain components, the overall performance does not suffer much, and you always have the opportunity of upgrading it at a later point of time. This range of cycles has attempted to deliver in terms of both price and performance.

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