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The Benefits of Using BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

by kellybrueggemann

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Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry devices and software have changed how companies and people all over the world communicate. Individuals are now able to converse in real time through their BlackBerry smartphones with the guarantee that their messages are encrypted through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Though touted as a very effective business tool, the price of this technology has previously rendered it out of reach of small businesses.

To remedy this problem, RIM launched the Blackberry Enterprise Server Express (BESx) in 2010. It is the latter version of the full-fledged BES and is built on the very same platform and also the identical technology. It ought to be recognized that some services available on the BES don’t come with the BESx, however these are generally services that small businesses can do without.

It works with BIS

A BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) for a BlackBerry handset commonly costs a quarter of the BES package. This particular service allows Blackberry devices to browse the Internet and send emails, among other features. By combining the BESx using the BIS, small businesses can benefit from many of the advantages of the BES without needing to pay too much.

Upgrading not required

Another good thing with the BESx is that it doesn’t require businesses to have an earlier edition of BlackBerry Enterprise Server to run. If you want to install BESx for your company, all you must do is grab the phone and get in touch with a supplier.

It has free CALs

Client Access Licenses (CALs) are important so that people can connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. A similar thing can be applied to the Express version, even if a BESx software program commonly includes 75 free CALs. For most small companies, this is adequate to cover their whole staff population. If it isn’t, they can get extra CALs directly from Research in Motion.

It can handle Android and iOs smartphones

One of the leading drawbacks with the earlier versions of BES was that they are only suitable for BlackBerry devices. But RIM announced in 2011 that brand new versions of BlackBerry Enterprise and BESx will be able to work with iOS and Android devices. All they need are CALs to get into the Enterprise Server.

Should you ever come across any problems with BlackBerry Enterprise Server licensing or BESx software installation, it is best to speak to a certified technical support service. To find out more, you can see or

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