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Basic Information on Medicinal Mushrooms and Their Benefits

by mackshepperson

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Scientific evidence suggests that man has been eating mushrooms long before fire was even discovered. Prehistoric man loved mushrooms, the Romans considered them food fit for the gods, and the Chinese thought they made you stronger and more god-like. Though these ancient civilizations might not have known of the mushroom’s medicinal properties, they surely understood the fact that it had benefits.

Research on the medicinal benefits of mushrooms largely focused on four types: shiitake, maitake, reishi, and crimini. These are the four types of mushrooms that were the first to find their way from the tropical rainforests of the East to your cupboards in the West. However, scientists are also beginning to look into the health benefits of common white button mushrooms.

Unlike most plants, mushrooms come loaded with polysaccharides nutrients that the body needs to fight off diseases like cancer. It is also chock-full of antioxidants like L-ergothioneine which helps clean the body through detoxification. Most people worry that these benefits are destroyed by cooking the mushrooms, but scientists suggest that cooking does not deplete the effects of mushrooms on the body.

It has also been found that all mushrooms have significant health benefits for the brain, which makes them excellent food for battling neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. There are also some mushrooms, like the Lion’s Mane, whose extracts seem to be geared specifically to helping the body counter these neurological disorders. Mushrooms have been found to reverse the symptoms of cognitive disorders by as much as 70 percent.

The list of medicinal mushrooms benefits not only those fighting the ailments mentioned above but also those who wish to load up on vitamins and minerals they want their body to have more of. Mushrooms are excellent sources of potassium, iron, selenium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, and pantothenic acid. These elements are what the body uses to beef up the immune system in order to guard itself against attack from viruses and diseases.

Though medicinal mushrooms benefits, it should also be noted that not all of them are good for the body. This is why you shouldn’t just run into the forest and stuff the first mushroom you see into your mouth. Some mushrooms are hallucinogens, while others will kill you on the spot. There are also individuals with certain ailments that shouldn’t eat mushrooms mushrooms contain uric acid, which is harmful to people with gout, for example.

Lastly, if you’re not yet a big fan of medicinal mushrooms benefits to your health are something you’d like to have, you can opt to take mushroom-based supplements instead. The good agents in mushrooms are extracted and condensed into pills that you can take everyday it’s a no-hassle way to better health. For more information, check out

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