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When You're Away, Where Can Your Pooch Stay?

by lizabedoya

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Without a doubt, dogs have truly earned the position of being man's best friend. What better way to care for your furry friend than by bringing him to full-care pet facilities? These facilities offer a wide range of services for animals, who will absolutely like the treatment they will have.

The historical past of owning pets goes back to the Medieval Ages, where animals stayed conveniently in the great castles of kings and queens. Similarly, pets were used as work dogs in the marketplace and went to different places with entertainment groups. It was notably the Elizabethan times that showed the earliest historical evidence of pet grooming, when a painting pictured a dog on a lady's lap, getting a haircut. Further investigations show that 17th century France released the first official records of dog grooming facilities during the era of King Louis XV.

As pets became ingrained into everyday life, owners became more enthusiastic about and dedicated to their dogs' appearances. Pets are bathed and combed by either their owners or skilled estheticians. Alongside enhancing the appearance of their dogs, people have realized the need to look after their pets' wellness. They have regular medical treatment for their dogs, which consists of vaccinations, check-ups, and the sporadic emergency procedures when canines become ill. If you’re a dog owner trying to find an excellent place to take care of your faithful pooch, Denver animal facilities offer everything you will ever need to make your dog happy.

denver veterinarians present extensive services for pet owners. Full-care pet facilities ensure that your pets get state-of-the-art medical care, stylish grooming, boarding, and other first-rate services. Medical care amenities comprise exam and radiology rooms, a laboratory with the most advanced diagnostic tools, and a treatment area and surgical room that comes with monitoring equipment. Additionally, there is a drugstore and an isolation space for animals with contagious conditions. Dental and dermatological services are provided, too.

One more great service you can try out is the quality dog grooming denver clinics give to animals. Grooming is not simply for aesthetics, as groomers look over your pet for external parasites, rashes, and lumps. Ears will also be checked for ear mites and waxy accumulation, plus the claws for any ingrown nail. The eyes may also be inspected for irritation caused by eyelash or eyelid problems to prevent infection.

Pet owners can also consider dog boarding Denver pet facilities offer. Pets will surely enjoy a clean, protected, roomy and cozy space for them to sleep in during the night. Skilled kennel technicians monitor and document your pet’s water and food consumption, routinely bathe them, and give the pets all the tender loving care they need while you’re not with them. For additional data on pet-stay centers, check out

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