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Mac Media Server for PS3 – Capabilities and features to look

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Mac enthusiasts who are also fond of Sony Playstation 3 are looking for a media server software suite that’ll enable them to enjoy a greater gaming experience. There are several of these programs out there - what features and capabilities should they have to ensure that you are getting total value for your money? The first aspect that most people would look for in a Mac media server for PS3 is the ability to bring together the various aspects of iLife including iPhotos, iTunes, Photobooth, Adobe Lightroom 2 & 3 and Aperture, among others. This will ensure that the pictures, movies and pictures stored in folders and hard drives related to these applications can be made available on the user’s PS3 without the need for additional configuration.


The Mac media server for PS3 needs to have a powerful search mechanism such as Spotlight to enable efficient tracking and sharing for all of your media files. It also needs to facilitate high streaming speeds so that users can enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience. In this regard we should expect the PS3 Mac media server to be powered by a robust platform such as Nginx which is renowned for its exceptional performance. It guarantees stability and full support for rich features yet it consumes fewer resources and is simple to configure. For these reasons Nginx has found applications on high visibility websites including SourceForge, Github, Hulu, Ohloh, TorrentReactor and WordPress, among others. You may also want to seek media server software that features on-screen thumbnails capability and Growl notifications as these enhance the gaming experience.


Despite a PS3 Mac media server software suite being able to facilitate high streaming speeds, one should be able to control its speeds. This will ensure that you can control the transfer rates of files from your computer to the universal plug-and-play UPnP devices such that other users on your network can still undertake their internet-related activities. Speaking of other users, we need a Mac media server for PS3 that features an access control list (ACL) which will help us to filter all the users and devices that have access to our media.


When seeking a Mac media server software suite that supports Sony PS3 it is better to go for one that can also control the Xbox 360 and indeed any other UPnP device that you may want in the future. Your preferred server also needs to support gigabit network connection such that it can stream HD - high definition - file formats. Further, check that the Mac media server for PS3 in question also supports the latest versions of the Mac OSX - version 10.5 and above is okay.

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