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Window Coverings: Three Different Kinds You Can Choose From

by roxietenner

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You undoubtedly blocked the sunshine out by hanging a towel over the curtain rod, taping newspapers over the windows, or simply moving your bed to the corner away from the window when you were in college living in your pint-sized dormitory or apartment. However, since you have your own home that needs to appear pleasing and relaxing for your guests and relatives, newspapers and towels are out of the discussion. It's time to purchase proper window coverings that suit your style and agree your Philadelphia home.

Window coverings are products used to manage the amount of sunlight that gets in your home while providing a certain degree of defense against draft or dust from the outside. Having the appropriate window coverings can give you considerable energy savings. Other functions of window coverings are to maintain privacy and give a tasteful appeal to a home. The kind of covering you can use for your Philadelphia home relies on your home's architectural style, the size of your windows and your budget. Here are some commonly used window coverings:


Shutters or window shades can be both decorative and functional. They can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, vinyl, plastic, metal and wood. Shutters can be attached either in the interior or exterior of your home. If your home has a rustic, cottage or country style of architecture, positioning shutters over your windows can create a captivating effect that can make people in your neighborhood stop, stare and smile in approval.


When it comes to blinds Philadelphia residents have a wide variety of varieties and types to decide on. There are Persian, Venetian, mini, vertical, micro and pleated blinds to cite examples. Each one of these examples is great in managing the effects of sunlight, providing additional insulation during warm or cold weather and keeping unwelcome insects out of your house. They are typically made of vinyl, fabric and wood.

Curtains and Drapes

Nothing can be as ordinary as utilizing drapes or curtains to cover your windows. Most curtains Philadelphia windows are adorned with are of varying types of density and textile. If you live in a region where it is significantly cold during winter, thicker curtains help a lot in decreasing air draft and heat loss to make your home more warm and cozy. Sheer or thin curtains are better suited for warmer seasons like spring or summer.

If questioned pertaining to the distinction between drapes and drapes and curtains Philadelphia homeowners might say that they're one and the same. Technically speaking, drapes are lined, long and heavy window coverings whereas curtains are lighter or thinner. To learn more about window coverings, you may go to homeguide123. com.

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