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Is it Possible to Recovery Lost Files from Corrupt

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SD or Secure Digital is a popular format of memory card. It is a non-volatile storage media, developed for digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, portable media players, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), and other hand-held devices. It stores photos, songs, videos, and graphic files digitally. SD memory card does not contain any moving physical components and thus is very secure from data storage point of view. However, some logical problems may make your SD card inaccessible and cause serious file loss situations. In such cases, it becomes essential to use file recovery software for extracting lost files from the media.

When a memory card face logical corruption, it may give you various symptoms that you can use for identifying the cause of particular problem and possible solution. The corruption signs may include numerous error messages, such as:

Memory card error.


Memory Card Error

Card Not Initialized

Read Error

The disk in drive X is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?

I/O Error

Whenever your SD card gives you any of the above errors, it indicates corruption and you cannot perform any operation on it. A device cannot read files from or write files to the corrupt Secure Digital memory card and this behavior occurs.

There is a plenty of reasons, which can cause memory card corruption. Some of the most frequent situations that can damage your SD card are as given below:

File System Corruption - Like other storage media, SD card also has a file system to organize stored files. When corruption occurs, the files cannot be located and accessed.

Pulling out SD card without switching off the digital camera.

Ejecting memory card while write process is on the way.

Virus Infection. Viruses are malicious programs that may damage the critical data structures of SD card.

When such situations occurs, you need to fix the particular problem using file recovery solutions. Recovery in such cases is best possible by formatting the memory card and restoring files from backup. But, if backup is not updated or valid, file recovery software becomes need of hour.

File recovery tools are designed to scan entire SD card and extract all lost, missing, inaccessible, and deleted files from it. They offer easy recovery with self-explanatory and self-descriptive rich graphical user interface.

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