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Most Dealers Will Not Offer a Short-Term Lease

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If you are looking in Fort Lauderdale for an auto dealer that will offer a short-term lease, you have your work cut out for you. Most dealers will not have any lease deals for under 24-months. If you want a lease for a period of less than two years, it is almost impossible to find such a short term lease in Fort Lauderdale through a car dealer.


However, even though most dealers do not offer short term lease options, that is no reason to despair of finding a short term auto lease in Fort Lauderdale. Getting a short term lease is possible by entering into a lease takeover. A lease takeover allows you to pick up the remaining lease for someone who is trying to get out of a current lease for any sort of reason.


The reasons why someone wants to break a lease do not necessarily have anything to do with something being wrong with the car. Sometimes they have had a downturn of events and can no longer afford the payments. In other instances, they have been transferred by their job to a new location or perhaps they are being deployed for military service. Whatever the reason, a lease takeover can provide a great opportunity to get a short term lease on a desired automobile.


Many leasing agencies have programs in which they can match up those who are trying to get out of a lease with those who are looking to take on a short term lease. Many of these agencies will negotiate the transfer of the lease and handle all of the necessary paperwork so that both parties can be assured that all of the details have been attended to before the vehicle is delivered.


Such a lease takeover enables the one taking it over to get a lease for whatever period of time is left on the remaining lease. If you are looking for a short term lease in Fort Lauderdale, you can search for a particular auto which you would like to take over the lease or you can search for leases that have a specific period of time remaining on them. In other words, if it is more important to you to drive a particular model, regardless of how many months are left on the lease, you would search for that model, but if you are looking for a short term lease of 12 to 14 months, you will want to search for vehicles that have that many months remaining on the lease.


There are agencies that can help you to search for a short term lease in the Fort Lauderdale area that will fit your needs and can have you in the driver’s seat of the auto you want for the amount of time you wish to lease it.


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