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What are some of the most common SMS marketing mistakes?

by anonymous

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Mobile marketing is really taking off now and using it is paying off for many brands, businesses and corporations. Even for the smallest business on a limited marketing budget, there lies the potential for amazing results. For some, mobile marketing is the preferred choice and they need to know some of the most common SMS marketing mistakes and what to avoid.


With every initiative there are always pitfalls that need to be avoided and it pays to do your research at all times. I recommend that before you embark on your mobile marketing plan, read Mobile Marketing Association’s Consumer Best Practices document. It is a great starting point with lots of ‘do’s and don’ts in SMS Marketing. Additionally, it is worth researching other companies and businesses to see what has and has not worked for them, so as not to re-invent the proverbial wheel. SMS marketing has a very high conversion rate, but it goes without saying that choosing the right provider is of the utmost importance from the outset.


So what are the main things to be avoided? Well, not building a mobile database is certainly a mistake. There is little or no value in having SMS as a one-off feature. The key to longevity in the relationship is maintaining the bond with the consumer by keeping them engaged and interested and by making it easy to opt-in. But - avoid bombarding them with messages – keep them relevant, timely and personal. Avoid your messages sounding generic as the personal touch is the key or you will only end up with your customer opting out!


Avoid not making your call-to-action prevalent . A simple call-to-action can be placed just about anywhere – magazine pages, billboards, television ads. Engage your consumers and turn the relationship into an interactive one. As Jeff Hasen of Hipcricket says “There are so many benefits to doing it right…………making your traditional and non-traditional dollars work harder, and being able to measure effectiveness in real time with such a simple tactic as using different keywords in different media……” Great advice!


Like everything in today’s fast-paced world, mobile marketing is no exception and it is important to keep up with what is going on in this fantastic industry. If you haven’t yet really taken a long look at what it can do for your brand or business, don’t get left behind. Take a closer look today.


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